" I met Shuggah musically when i was invited to play a showcase she was solely responsible for booking, promoting and MC'ing, and was astounded at the level of talent she had recruited, i actually ended up forging a musical relationship that night. I'm a fan of her radio podcast and regularly download the episodes to discover new artists, but equally listen because of the beautiful, vivacious personality which bubbles through her voice and never fails both to engage me and make me smile. I consider myself fortunate to have been a part of the delightful, surprising and memorable world that is Shuggah "

​James Whiton ( double bassist/solo artist/composer )  

​" Shuggah has hosted me and countless other local musicians on her radio show giving us a opportunity to promote our music and pimp our next big gig. She's a true believer and supporter of the SF local music scene and we need more like her ! "

Andrew Griffin ( Felsen, Cake, Camper Van Beethov )  

​" The Dirty Cello Band had a great time on Shuggas Show. Not only Shuggah was friendly and welcoming , she also asked us interesting questions . We loved hanging out with her, playing some music and being interviewed by her . Thank's Shuggah for having us on the show ! It was great ! "

​Rebecca Roudman ( cello player of Dirty Cello )

​" Shuggah is a true lover of music and a natural host. She does radio not because she wants to be on radio but because she's deeply interested in music and the people who make it. Her show is way more eclectic than F.M which keeps it interesting. If Shuggah didn't love music so much she would probably be a lot more famous "

​Scott Moses Murray ( solo songwriter )

" Shuggah is the last of the true Radio Pirates ! She has left a meaningful mark on the Bay Areas' counter-culture movement "

​Ryan Zweng ( drummer/singer of CooCooBirds )  


​           ​   the best kept secret in

                    San Francisco

​" Shuggah is an excellent DJ with an impeccable taste in music. She was one of the very first brave individuals to play our hastily-recorded demo Cds on the radio. It's my understanding that she played the role of the " first  DJ " to a lot of other really interesting indie artists throughout the globe, judging their music solely based on the content. "

​Joowan Kim ( pianist/composer of Ensemble Mik Nawooj )

​" When the NightFalls came into Shuggahs Show we didn't know what to expect. In the studio she's very loose, makes you feel right at home and makes you feel that what you are doing has merit which is all what we are looking for . " 

Greg Dale ( solo songwriter )