​Many of her shows are on podomatic enabling her to have listeners from all over the globe. In addition to her northern california american base, she has gained many listeners from Asia, Europe, India, South America.

Shuggah  was  born  in  Limoges,  France.         She spent   most   of   her   childhood   under

 the guidance   of   her   family   immersed            in the performing  arts : she  began   as   a         ballerina  and  an  aspiring  actor   and  later

extending  into  modeling    for    artistic       photographers   and french   independent    producers.

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In  1996  and  after   an   adventurous  five  years  accompanied  by  the  night  lights  of  Paris  and  Spain   and the  dramas  of  acting  school, Shuggah   ventured  to California.  Close to  a  decade  later  and  after   a  few  jobs consisting   of  the  first  monotony of her  life, Shuggah  again  began  to long  for  expression  through  music. This time , with  entrepreneurial  aspirations, she found a  work shop  in  Northern  California where she learned to build  radio transmitters . Due  to   her   passionate  vision   of communication   through   music, Shuggah   then    accessed   a  renowned  underground  radio  station  in Berkeley, California  called  Berkeley  Liberation   Radio . There   she has   a   weekly   show  on  Friday   afternoons  for   over three  years, gaining  invaluable  hands  on  experience and  an  eclectic  group and  listeners  from  all over the world.

Last December Shuggah was the guest on Mutiny Radio dot com on Behind the Mynd 

Enjoy the recording here

Today, Shuggah seeks continued access to her listeners. She's unique not only in her ability as a radio dj but also in her love for integrating the mental awareness of her radio listeners by way of interviews with fresh news artists and thematically driven musical sessions.

 ​However, her true  passion  was  not  for  ballet  or  the  movie  screen, it  was  for  music.  Shuggah's  earliest  memories  are  of  listening  to  the  classics  on her  parent's  vinyl  records  and  dancing  to  the  newest  tunes  on  the  radio . At  any  moment,  she  would  consume  herself  for  hours  creating  homemade  musical  mixes  of  her  favorite  artists.  These  compilations  always  ended  up  in  the  hands  of  eager  friends  who  enjoyed  her  fresh  and  unique  taste  *  trendy  was  not  the  description  *  Music  was and  remains  to  be  her  passion.


​           ​   the best kept secret in

                    San Francisco

​​Shuggah believes that if her essence was encapsulated, one would say : she lives by the belief that one creates one's world and that music doesn't get better than the Beatles album Sergeant Pepper. Overall Shuggah is appreciative of her situation and is driven to share her talents with the vast community of music lovers.

Let me say at the risk of seeming ridiculous that the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love
Ernesto “Che” Guevara

This website is the organic definition of what artists do when they are passionate. Shuggah has defied the corporate world since 2004 with her radio show, Put Some Shuggah in Your Bowl and has today Shuggah Revamped. She has been and continues to be part of the bay area community and lives to help artists from all over the world showcase their talents.
When you explore her website you will realize that Shuggah is expanding her talents by being in front of the camera and sharing the work of many bay area-based photographers.